Timber Furniture Care
Wood is elegant, versatile and incredibly long lasting. With correct care and protection wood never loses its natural beauty.

Tips for taking care of your timber furniture

Wood is used in many different ways, both inside and outside the home. How you care for your timber furniture will depend on how it is used, what type of finish it has and how you want it to look.

1. When possible use table cloths, table runners, coasters to protect the surface

2. Dust regularly

3. Use only recommended care products

4. Do not place hot or wet items directly onto the timber surface

5. Avoid direct sunlight or heat as this will cause colour change

Products for protecting indoor and outdoor furniture

Multimaster provide quality products to care for your timber furniture. There are products to protect indoor and outdoor timber furniture, and also restoration products. The products are available in store.

When it comes to furniture, the difference between the ordinary and the elegant is attention to detail. Wood Master furniture care products allow you to ensure that every detail is perfect and your timber furniture glows. The range includes everything you need to clean and polish your furniture, it includes restoration products to repair nicks, scratches and stains.

As outdoor furniture is constantly exposed to the elements, outdoor furniture needs a little more care and protection. But caring for outdoor furniture doesn’t need to be difficult. Multimaster have a specific range for caring for outdoor furniture.

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