Lost in Amalfi 180g Body Bar

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French triple-milled for a luxurious lather, and infused with almond oil and vitamin E. Breezy freesia, lavender, lime and moss evoke the seaside.

Awaken to the fragrance of freesia, lavender and lime, enlivened and relaxed, siesta satisfied. Still with some of the sun and salt spray from before, and ready for more. Find yourself where the days sparkle like the sea and another Limoncello.

Top Notes: Freesia, Thyme, Tarragon
Middle Notes: Lavender and Moss
Base Notes: Musk and Patchouli


Rich in almond oil and Vitamin E to leave your skin soft and sweetly scented. 

No parabens. No silicones. No sulphates. Not tested on animals.

What makes french triple-milled soap so special?

French triple-milled soap is passed through a milling machine of smooth stainless steel rollers three times, producing a bar that is thoroughly mixed, and free of air and excess moisture. The result is a firm, long-lasting body bar that retains its shape and delivers a luxurious, foamy lather.